Hitachi Fridge Freezer - R-BGX411PGB1

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Slide Shelf - Slide shelf makes it easier to see and reach items at the back enabling effeicent, organised storage.

Selectable Mode Compartment - The select lever lets you adjust the temperature inside the compartment by switching between the vegatable and dairy/meat modes

Adjustable Door Pockets - You can change the pocket layout to match the items being stored.

Touch Screen Controller - Flat glass panel controls let you change the setting with a simple touch, and a wipe is all it takes to clean the tempered glass surface.

Elegant Bottle & Wine Shelf - The wavy shelf hold bottles at the optimum angle for storing premium wines and also large enough for 1.5L bottles.

Vegetable Compartment - Ensures indirect cooling to maintain the optimum moisture lever for vegetables.

Hybrid Freezing - Thanks to the aluminium plate, items can freeze rapidly. As well as retaining freshness, rapid freezing reduces drip during thawing, so flavour is also retained. It bring delicious cooking results.

Deep & Large Case - Bigger sized frozen foods can be easily stored in these specially designed deep & large freezer cases.

Easy Access Case - The top of the freezer compartment is open so that you can reach items directly.


Built-in or Freestanding Freestanding
Capacity 330L
Colour Gradiation Grey
Depth 650mm
Height 1900mm
Warranty 5 years
Width 595mm