Panasonic 34L 1000w Combination Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology and 1300w Grill

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Space-saving 34L Inverter Combi Microwave Oven with an award-winning sleek stainless steel design. The One-Push Reheating function and healthy Junior Menu options help with the easy preparation of healthy meals for the whole family.

Easy One-push Reheating

Just press one button and the time will be calculated automatically, taking away the guesswork. Get the optimal reheating results without over/undercooking.

Genius Sensor for Perfect Cooking and Reheating Results

The Genius Sensor ensures excellent results with every meal. An advanced sensor measures the steam levels inside the microwave and automatically sets the best time.

 You can therefore cook a variety of dishes simply by selecting the preferred Sensor Auto Program such as fresh fish and press start. There is no need to select the power, time or weight.

Family-size Cooking

The NN-CD87K has a big capacity of 34L with a very spacious 36cm glass turntable. This gives you more flexibility to use large dishes and plates to even cook a whole chicken for your family.

Slimline design provides 15% more worktop space

The intelligent internal design reduces the overall footprint by approx. 15% compared to conventional combination ovens with 34L, leaving you with more space available on your kitchen worktop.

Healthy Eating from the Start

The convenient pre-programmed Junior Menu ensures that even picky eaters enjoy healthy delights. Just enter the weight of the food and the oven does the rest. Pre-programmes for children include puréed fruits/veg, pasta bake, vegetable fries and more!

Combi Cooking Programs for Fast Professional Results

Combination cooking made easy with direct buttons for pre-set Combi Cooking options. The advanced Inverter enables simultaneous use of two heat sources for faster and better cooking results.

5 Combination Cooking Example Programs

 Combi 1 - Ideal for gratin or fried foods / Grill High × Microwave 440W

 Combi 2 - Ideal for roast meat / Convection 180°C × Microwave 100W

 Combi 3 - Ideal for frozen potato / Convection 220°C × Microwave 440W

 Combi 4 - Ideal for a whole chicken / Convection 200°C × Microwave 440W

 Combi 5 - Ideal for quiche or pizza / Convection 160°C × Microwave 440W

The New Way of Cooking.

Discover the joy of fresh and healthy cooking with Panasonic Microwave Inverter Technology. Thanks to its precise power control, dishes are evenly cooked and are ready in no time.

Freshly Baked Taste with Re-bake Bread Programs

These Auto Programs let you re-bake bread to achieve results as if it has just come straight from the bakery.

 The microwave oven automatically preheats the cavity using convection and then re-bakes the bread with a combination of grill and microwave power.

Trim Kit

Perfectly integrate the NN-CD87 into your kitchen with our available trim kit NN-TK81KCSCP.

The Ideas Kitchen

We LOVE food, and you’re here so we guess that you do, too! We aim to provide you with a variety of delicious options to cater to what you’re in the mood for!


 Our recipes are tailored to provide the best results when using Panasonic kitchen appliances, but they can be adapted to utilise whatever is in your kitchen.


 Enjoy browsing, cooking and, most importantly, eating!



Inverter Yes
Microwave Power 1000 W
Grill Power Quartz 1300 W
Fan Assisted Convection Oven 40, 100-220 °C
Microwave Power Levels 7
Grill Power Levels 3
Combi settings Variable
Auto Programs 30
Turntable Size 360 mm
Interior Stainless Steel
Door Screen Nomal Glass
LCD Display White LED
Control Panel Mecha button & One Dial
Interior Dimensions W x D x H 380 x 390 x 228.4 mm
Exterior Dimensions W x D x H 560 x 450 x 343 mm
ACCESSORIESTurntable (Round Glass Tray) Yes
Round Wire Rack Yes
Round Enamel Tray Yes
Chaos/Turbo Defrost Yes
Turbo Reheat Sensor Reheat
Sensor Cook Yes
Demo Mode Yes
Child Lock Yes
WEIGHTNet weight (kg) 18 kg
Gross weight (kg) 21.0 kg
PACKAGINGCarton box dimensions (m3) 0.1463
width x Depth x height (mm) 630 x 540 x 430
ENERGYStandby Mode 0.88 W