Panasonic 55" 4K HDR Smart OLED TV

Product Code: TX-55HZ2000

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Our OLED TVs are calibrated, and used, by Hollywood studios to deliver the picture quality filmmakers demand. Cutting-edge HCX Pro Intelligent Processor combined with 3D colour management, and next-generation OLED screen, produces a professional picture performance that you can enjoy at home.

Many decades of TV technological know-how, and a long collaboration with Hollywood, has been captured in our HCX* Pro Intelligent Processor. It’s the powerful brain inside our premium TVs. It instantly analyses the picture, adjusts the colour, contrast and clarity to deliver the best possible performance. *Hollywood Cinema eXperience

Not all the OLEDs panel are created equally. Our OLED Professional Edition panel was crafted in Japan to deliver exceptional brightness, leading to even more dynamic contrast than conventional screens. These performance characteristics make it ideal to enjoy a professional grade performance at home.

Dolby Vision IQ literally adds a new dimension to viewing HDR thanks to the TV’s advanced ambient light sensor. Whether your living room is completely dark or brightly lit, the HDR picture is dynamically perfected for the best colour and contrast.

Our 360゚Soundscape Pro audio system transports you from the sofa to the heart of the action: An integrated unique set of upward and front-firing speakers with Dolby Atmos® 3D technology and true immersive Hi-Fi sound from Technics elevates entertainment to new levels.


Screen Size 55"
Technology OLED